Peninsula Filmworks Brings Door County Stories to the World


More and more eyeballs are turning from television to web video, and Door County businesses need to be there. That’s why Peninsula Publishing and Distribution, publisher of the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living, is proud to announce the launch of Peninsula Filmworks, a web video company developed to bring the stories of Door County people and businesses to the world.

Peninsula Filmworks is lead by director Brett Kosmider, a producer who has been creating videos for brands large and small for 20 years, writer Myles Dannhausen Jr., who has spent more than a decade telling the stories of Door County, Wisconsin, and David Eliot, founder of the Peninsula Pulse.

“We aim to help local businesses tell their best stories, not just make an ad,” Kosmider said. “Today’s visitors and consumers want to know the people behind the places where they spend their money. They want to feel a connection to products and services. Nothing does that more efficiently than video – when you have the right people creating it.”

Kosmider has produced video for Crispin Hard Cider, Copper & Kings American Brandy, General Mills, Target, Porsche, Polaris and locally for the Door County Half Marathon, Door County Triathlon, and the Door Community Auditorium, among many other brands and businesses. But Peninsula Filmworks has more than great production skills. In Kosmider, Dannhausen, and Eliot, the trio brings a broad perspective on Door County to the table.

In addition to commercial video, the company will produce documentaries on the people, history, and culture of Door County. Eliot said it’s a natural extension of the work the Pulse has been doing in print for nearly 20 years.

“There are a lot of stories about this community yet to be told,” Eliot said, “and there are many stories that can be told in a new way, for a new audience. These are the stories that make people love living here, and love coming here.”